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Road Test Simulation

The Road Test Simulation Group has nine Road Simulation development cells to perform durability development for full and half vehicles.  We provide consistent, precise and quick development capability on the performance of the vehicle body, chassis and suspension structures. Vehicle noise and vibration development work is performed in the tire coupled environment test cell. It is also capable of supporting the research of the performance of components made of alternate materials under extreme environmental conditions.

Road Test Simulation

Road Test Simulation Services:

  • Full vehicle durability testing
    • up to class 3 trucks in spindle-coupled simulators
    • up to class 5 trucks in tire-coupled (4 Poster) simulator
  • Front and rear suspension system durability testing (occasionally referred to as ½ rig or fixture reacted testing).
    • up to class 3 truck rear suspension systems
    • up to class 5 truck front suspension systems
  • Multi-Axis Shaker Table (MAST) Testing of various vehicle systems.
    • Powertrain mount systems
    • Cooling modules
    • Battery trays
    • Seats
Multi-Axis Shaker Table
  • 4 Poster full vehicle durability testing with environment
    • -40° F to 135° F temperature
    • nominally 0 to 95% Relative Humidity (control above 40° F)
    • 8,000 Watt Solar Array

NVH / BSR Testing Services:

  • Full vehicle durability and NVH / BSR testing on  tire-coupled (4 Poster)  simulator
    • up to class 5 trucks
    • up to 180” wheelbase vehicles
    • vehicles as new or throughout accelerated life
    • actual or simulated road profiles, random, swept/sine, in or out of phase, etc.
  • With or without environment
    • -40° F to 135° F temperature
    • nominally 0 to 95% Relative Humidity (control above 40° F)
    • 8,000 Watt Solar Array
    • specific component temperatures in excess of 200° F achievable
  • Develop and install 4 Poster drive files locally or at remote sites
  • Vehicle dynamics measurement / characterization
Solar Array

Instrumentation and Data Acquisition:

  • Variety of Wheel Force Transducers available for Road Load Data Acquisition
    • MTS Swift 40T
    • MTS Swift 30T
    • Kistler (Igel) Pass car
    • Kistler (Igel) Light Truck
  • Variety of Data acquisition equipment capable of measuring multiple channels at high sampling rates
  • Instrument vehicles and components for road load data acquisition
  • Design, fabricate and calibrate custom instrumentation

Data Acquisition (using resources described above)

  • Develop Data Acquisition plans
  • Perform road load data acquisition
    • remote and data acquisition
    • company, customer or third party proving grounds, etc.