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Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Testing Facility

The NVH test facility provides technical solutions that address vehicle or component NVH problems.  Data is acquired in our state of the art facilities using cutting edge instrumentation and software performed by skilled professionals that have hundreds of years combined experience.

Hemi-Anechoic Test Cell
NVH Reverb Room NVH Quiet Room

Test Capabilities

  • Vehicle Test Cells
    • Powertrain/Driveline Noise And Vibration
    • Road Noise
    • Idle Quality
    • Full Vehicle Benchmarking
    • Component Noise And Vibration
    • Quiet Room with 100Hz cut-off
    • Reverberation Room (118 m3 )
  • Open Field NVH Testing
    • Road Tests At Chrysler Proving Grounds
    • Component/Systems Testing
  • Acoustics Testing
    • Sound Transmission Loss – SAE J1400
    • Acoustic Absorption – ASTM C423
    • Intensity Measurements
    • Intensity Scanning/Mapping
    • Sound Power Measurements
    • Laser Vibrometry Mapping
    • Vehicle Noise Reduction
    • Damping/Vibration Decay
    • T60 Reverberation Time Measurements
    • Acoustic Modal
    • On-Site Sound Power
  • 4-Post Shaker Testing
  • Shaker Table For Dampers
  • MTS Bushing Rate Testing
  • Torsion Measurements Using Laser Technology
  • Full Vehicle Modal and Component Modal
  • Data Processing And Analysis
  • Sound Demo Room
    • Sound Quality Analysis
    • Listening / Comparative Analysis
NVH Test Cell Hemi-Anechoic Powertrain Test Cell

Major Test Facilities

  • Hemi-Anechoic 2WD 6’ Chassis Dyno
  • Hemi-Anechoic Road Noise 2WD 10’ Chassis Dyno
  • Hemi-Anechoic Powertrain Test Cell
  • Hemi-Anechoic Component Room With 2 Engine Dynos
  • Reverberation and Receiver Room
  • 3 Modal Bays with Shaker capabilities
  • Environmental Test Chamber