Does stress free driving sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. We need simply recognize what happens to us when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles. Something happens to all of us when we get behind the wheel of our cars or trucks. We in fact become different people with different levels of control and aggression. It’s like being in a battle zone. There are a couple of things you can do daily to ensure stress free driving.

No matter what city you live in, and no matter what the traffic is like, you can find a way to enjoy your short drive, or long commute to the office and in fact enjoy stress free driving.

Do what it takes to put you in the mood. If soft music or rock and roll is your thing, then so be it. Listen to the kind of music you enjoy, just be aware of the mood your music creates.

Secondly, don’t set yourself up for failure by rushing everyday. Allow yourself extra time in the morning where you don’t have to rush, drive fast, and lane hop to get to where you are going. Put your self in the stress free driving mode by being able to arrive early to your destination.

If a cup of Java, tea, or hot cocoa relaxes you and is a part of your morning commute, have an organized routine where you have everything you need to pick it up before walking out of your door. If you are really organized it might be you might have the kind of time management to stop at your favorite coffee shop in the mornings to get the coffee of the day. That is one of the perks to good time management, you are allowed to create the reality you want everything and still enjoy stress free driving.

Books are tape are another great way to engage in stress free driving especially if your drive is a long one in a busy city. There are meditation tapes that are made especially for drivers, as well as music that is made specifically to create calm in intense environments.

Another thing that contributes to stress free driving, and is probably mostly psychological, is in driving a clean, clutter free vehicle. Our cars reflect our homes, which reflects our lives. Don’t keep trash and papers in your car; keep it orderly so that you enjoy the time you spend in it.

Where there will be a pissed off person in traffic, if you are calm and relaxed, chances are you won’t react to them and will give them the right of way. There is no need in letting someone else spoil your day. If someone tries to engage you in stupidity, smile, and drive on and enjoy your stress free driving. After all, it’s your world, and everyone else is just passing through – no make that passing by.

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