If you are trying to sell your vehicle the first thing you will want to do is give the vehicle a good hand wash and vacuum the vehicle out really good. Wipe down all of the interior and use a small carpet cleaning to clean the floors and seats. If there’s any small problems with the vehicle like a small dent or what not you could possibly get the dent fixed. If there’s any chips in the paint you can go to Auto Zone and buy matching paint to fill in the chips. You will also want to buy tire shine and other things to clean the rims, tires and motor areas.

Once the car is an clean as you would like it to be, go to a nice area and take pictures of the car. Do not take pictures of the car on gravel or in the grass. I would suggest going to a nice park and take pictures of the vehicle there. Make sure to take a picture of the miles, tires, each side of the car and under the hood. Also take pictures of the seats, dash and trunk if necessary.

I would go to any gas station and buy a Car and RV book. Fill out all the information and run it in the book. You will need to send them a picture with the information. Next I would park the car on a busy road close to where you live. Buy a for sale sign and write down the miles and some information including the price you would like for the car. Make sure that you ask if you can leave your car there in the parking lot. Do not leave the car there overnight because that is how vehicles get broken into.

The next step would be to put the car on Ebay. You can set a starting price and a reserve price. It costs about $60.00 to put pictures of the car on Ebay and run the ad for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Make sure to put the car into the right category. You will get asked a lot of questions about the vehicle and you can see the bid history and how many people put watches on the car. You can choose to drive the car to the person or have the car shipped. You can also state in your ad that the buyer is responsible for all shipping of the vehicle.

You want the car to be clean before you list the car because people will want to come and see the vehicle if they live close. Never accept personal checks and never allow somebody to send you cash in the mail. Accept cash in person, money orders or cashiers checks. Just make sure that the check is valid before you let the person leave with the vehicle.

You will have to look up which state the person lives in to figure out how to turn the title over and what not. There’s a lot of information on www.ebay.com about the process involved with the actual transfer of the title, financing and shipping.

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