In the present economy we are all facing it appears as though every penny saved is a big deal, and in light of this more people than ever are beginning to save money on oil changes by getting creative in how they approach car repair. The amount of money an individual can save on oil changes may not seem like much, but when you view the topic from the position of a family that has three cars and drives a good deal of miles annually, the savings can be considerable. How to save money on oil changes is also a good lesson in economics for teen drivers who tend to think their parents wallets will always be accessible to them, in learning that driving privileges come with certain financial strings attached that cannot be avoided.

One of the best ways to save money on oil changes is simply by scouring the newspaper advertisements for specials and deals in the local area. Remember, businesses are hit by the recession also and need to constantly drum-up new customers to keep their doors open. Many of the “quick” oil changes centers offer deals to save money on oil changes by becoming a repeat customer – get 5 oil changes get 1 oil change for free sort of promotion. For those who don’t like getting their hands dirty these offers are a blessing, and a car owner can usually save money on oil changes in the 20% to 30% range by taking advantage.

An even better way to save money on oil changes is to become your own mechanic temporarily, and attack the oil maintenance issue as a do-it-yourselfer. In this method an individual can save money on oil changes on several fronts, with each adding up to a tidy sum in total. The oil filter can be purchased at a discount auto parts outlet, and the motor oil can be purchased by the case at sizeable discounts. It then becomes a simple matter to drain the old oil from the car in question, refill the car with new oil and replace the oil filter. While this may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” it is nonetheless a great way to save money on oil changes.

It is important to not let your desire to save money on oil changes get in the way of displaying basic common sense, especially when attempting to change the oil in your car yourself. If a person has fears about getting under a car that has been jacked or has never done the task before it is probably best left to someone more experienced regardless of the cost.

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