I am a college student, majoring in Business Administration. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how to save money by cracking down on how I use gas in my car. I hope you can learn from some of my ideas and save money in your everyday life. Gas for your car, probably where the majority of everyone’s money goes. I have a few tips in relation to gas that can save you money in the long run.

One thing you can do is to leave a few minutes early everyday and simply drive your car with less aggression. Don’t floor the car or stomp on the gas. By doing this you will be increasing the miles you get per gallon. You should especially be careful when you start your car up. You car uses a lot of gas at idle to warm up. Drive conservatively until you car reaches normal operating temperature. Don’t stop unless you need to, because it uses more gas moving your car from a dead stop. If you are driving a manual, keep the RPM’s at about 2000 as much as possible, and put the car in neutral and naturally stop when approaching a stop light.

Another way to save money is to drive as little as possible. If you have a friend at work, switch off each day on who drives

Next, think about the car you are driving. If your car has a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, odds are you are getting pretty good gas mileage. If you don’t need to truck or a car with a V8 engine, don’t buy one. These cars get less than half as good as gas mileage as the 4 and 6 cylinder cars. Think about it. If you own a truck and are spending 200$/month in gas, which is 2400$ per year, you would save more than HALF of that with a car with a smaller engine.

Another great thing to check up on is the following: If you go to the same gas station most of the time, see if they have a free membership card. Most gas stations do, and you can often end up saving a few bucks over time if you have a membership card.

Also, make sure your car has a tune up. If you haven’t had the oil changed in a long time, odds are that not only are you burning oil and possibly damaging your engine, but you’re burning more gasoline as well. Check you tire pressure. Driving on low tire pressure is like riding a bike with flat tires. It takes a lot more energy to bike ride when the tire pressure is low, as it does gas in a car.

Clean out your car. If you have a set of golf clubs that have been sitting in the back seat of your car for weeks, this is just putting extra weight down on your car, and it takes more gasoline to move a heavier load.

These are just a few of the possible actions you can take to improve your gas mileage. I hope you can use some of this to your advantage and save some money each year.

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