One of the most dreaded auto mechanic shop chores has to be cleaning the bathrooms. Keeping a clean bathroom becomes an especially difficult task when employees and customers are involved. There seems to be no end to hardened oil on the sink and countertops, splatter spots on the mirrors and fixtures, and if you have bad customers, unexplained yellow spots on the floor around the toilet.

Cleaning your bathroom does not need to be a dreaded chore. In fact, with a few simple tricks, your bathroom can be sparkling clean in around 7 minutes. And with a little practice, you may be able to cut that time down to 5 minutes. If you knew you could clean your bathroom in less time than it takes to bake a “take-n-bake” pizza, or sit through a commercial break of your favorite show, you might not cringe at thought of this common auto mechanic shop task.

How To Do It?

Get a mop bucket filled with warm soapy water and a mop. Also, get a broom and dustpan and a plastic garbage bag. Bring all these items to the bathroom you will be cleaning.

Gather Cleaning Supplies (no time if items already under the sink)

It is a great idea to keep all the items you need to clean your bathroom in a caddy under the bathroom sink. Ideally, you should have a caddy for each bathroom so cleaning supplies are always on hand whenever you need them. Your bathroom cleaning caddy should include a toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, basin-tub-tile cleaner foam, a disinfectant such as Pine-Sol, paper towels or reusable microfiber cloths, a sponge or rag, and rubber gloves (optional). You will also need a toilet brush.

Clear Surface Areas (20 seconds)

Corral bath toys, shampoos and soaps and get them out of the tub and off the shelves and counters. Put all these items in an out-of-the-way spot, like the hallway. Remove towels and put them in the wash if necessary.

Apply Cleaners (40 seconds)

Squirt under the rim of the toilet. Most toilet bowl cleaners recommend leaving the cleaning solution on your bowl for a few minutes before scrubbing, so this should always be the cleaner you apply first.

Next, use your tub and tile foam and spray it on the sink fixtures and lightly around the rim of the sink and on the sink plug. This should be more than enough to clean your sink. Remember, the more cleanser you use, the longer it will take to rinse it off. Continue with your tub and tile foam on the bath tub fixtures and around the water line or “dirt line” of the tub. If you have a shower, skip cleaning it for now.

Finally, squirt your mirror with a glass cleaner.

Wipe Down (3 minutes)

Start with the mirror and clean it using a paper towel. Then move on to the sink and quickly clean it with your sponge. Clean the tub next paying special attention to the area on the side of the tub where the dirt line is. Shine up the fixtures and wipe down surfaces where dust or dirt might collect. Finally, scrub out the toilet using a toilet brush.

Disinfect (2 minutes)

Fill your sink partway with warm water and add a little all-purpose disinfectant. Using your sponge, wipe down the countertop and then the toilet. By the way, if you have an old one and want to replace your toilet, has a great guide on that.

Finishing Touches (1 minute)

Return all your cleaners to the caddy and put it away under your sink. Empty the trash can into your garbage bag, return the soap, bath toys, and other items to their place in the bathroom. If you have clean towels, replace them now, or you can do it later after they have been washed. Sweep and mop the floor and you are done!


It will be easier to clean your bathroom in 7 minutes if you maintain it throughout the week. Antibacterial cleaning wipes are wonderful for very quick touch-ups and a one or two-minute spot check at the end of each day is all the time it should take to keep your bathroom looking great. Kids can even take on this chore as they seem to really enjoy using those cleaning wipes.

There will certainly be times where you will need to spend a little more time cleaning your bathroom, but this can be done once a month, or even every other month.

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