If you are trying to change the tires of your Subaru Forester, then we have a great guide for that. The Subaru Forester has a different mechanism, so it makes the tires a bit harder to change compared to traditional cars.

I always recommend drivers to check out the conditions of your tires before every drive, since tires are the most important and crucial parts of your car since even the strongest and most powerful engines and braking systems can’t do their job properly if your car tires are not in the best shape. For that reason, I would recommend you to check the air pressure, tread depth and any abnormalities each morning, since this will prevent the majority of the problems you may encounter and also will allow you to troubleshoot the most problems with your tires. However, there will come a time that you will need to replace your tires, and you can do that whole thing yourself in your garage without spending your hard-earned money.

First off you will need to determine whether or not you need to replace your tires or not, and you can do that yourself as well just by a simple check. There is a test called the penny test, which will require you to insert the edge of the penny to the tread of your tire with Abraham Lincoln’s head going in first and if the top is covered by the tread you can still drive in those tires and if the head is visible you will probably need to change your tires.

Also, you probably won’t need to replace a whole set of tires in a single go, but go in pairs instead. If one of your front tire’s tread is gone the other side is probably in the same condition. So be sure to check all your tires before deciding to buy a new set of tires, as it can save money and prevent unnecessary waste.

Before pulling the trigger on a new pair of tires, read reviews about them and check to see if they are proper for your car, as not all tires are created equally and you may experience difficulties with the wrong set of tires. Some users swear by used tires, and it can be a bargain sometimes as there are people who switch out tires every single season without need, I would recommend you to check out new tires. Tons of value-based models will deliver tons of value for their price. Make your research before splashing your hard-earned dollar.

As for the replacement process itself, it is fairly easy and it is as simple as swapping the whole wheel. Well, not exactly as that but it requires the same steps except that you will have to remove the tire from the rim first and you have to be very careful at this since you may scratch and damage your rims which can be a costly cosmetic repair. After that install your new tire properly install the wheel back on to your car to complete the process.

I will try to stress this again, take care of your tires properly and never leave them unproperly maintained. Also when the time comes replace them as soon as possible in pairs to save costs. Until next time drive safe.

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